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A truly local experience

Our Story

As I got a little older, a Little League baseball field was being built a couple of streets over from me. My brothers and all our neighborhood friends were so excited about playing baseball. On opening day, I was there early that Saturday morning with everyone else. It was a magical time. There was a small, two-window snack bar that had all of our favorite kid goodies- Astro Pops, Now & Laters, Jawbreakers, candy necklaces, and more. They also had a small grill menu of burgers, hot dogs and fries.

I played ball there for 8 years. That little snack bar turned out some of the best hot dogs and fries in the area. I remember many times Dad sending us over to get a box of dogs and fries for dinner. There were always double lines waiting of 10-12 deep for their turn. I remember sitting on the bleachers one day watching in awe of just how busy this little snack bar was every Saturday with such a simple menu and such simple food... a hot dog!?! Later on in years, Dad would take me and my brothers to these little hidden spots out of the way that had the best burgers, hot dogs, or barbecue.

Now 35+ years later with my middle daughter and her fiance at the helm, they are taking it to the next level, using my original items and adding more than a few items of their own design. I believe it will serve them well for 35 more years and raise three more children who call it their part-time home.